NSS State Championships

Over the past decade North State Soccer teams have been blessed to win a number of state level championships. Many of these same teams participated in the Regional Championships as well.
Championship Team Name Head Coach
2017 President's Cup (U19)Missfits Fusion '98Eric Johnson
2017 Association Cup (U19)Kaos United '98Keith Stewart
2017 Association Cup (U15)Missfits Mavericks '02Mark Lewin
2015 President's Cup (U17)Missfits Adrenaline '97Matt Pinnell
2015 President's Cup (U16)Missfits Fusion '98Eric Johnson
2014 President's Cup (U16)Missfits Adrenaline '97Matt Pinnell
2014 Association Cup (U16)Missfits Adrenaline '97Matt Pinnell
2013 President's Cup (U15)Missfits Adrenaline '97Matt Pinnell
2013 Association Cup (U16)Missfits Vandals '96Mark Oliver
2012 President's Cup (U17)Missfits BanditsFred Bergstrom
2012 Association Cup (U13)Missfits Valkyrie '01Steve Hoxie
2010 Association Cup (U19)Missfits RenegadesKeith Stewart