NSS Club Board

The NSS Board shall be chaired by the RYSL Competitive Coordinator (herein referred to as the Club President). The Club President shall be a duly elected member of the RYSL Board of Directors. The remainder of the Club Board shall be composed of the following personnel:
  • Club Vice-President, Kaos FC (boys)
  • Club Vice-President, Missfits FC (girls)
  • Technical Director
  • Coach's Representative
  • Parent's Representative
  • One (1) representative from each approved team
The Club President, the two Vice-Presidents, the Coach's Representative, the Parent's Representative and the Technical Director shall comprise the Executive Committee of the NSS Board. The Executive Committee of the Club shall be responsible for:
  • The day-to-day operations of the Club
  • Approving all head coaches annually in accordance with these governing documents
  • Approval of all assistant coaches and team managers once the head coach has been appointed
  • Approval of all team names and final rosters
Each Board member shall have a vote on all policy changes and actions not exclusively set aside for the Executive Board.

2017/18 Club Executive Board

President Marc Pinnell
Vice-President / Kaos FC Matt Pinnell
Vice-President / Missfits FC Michael Sanchez
Coach's Representative Vacant
Parent's Representative Kristy Bryant
Technical Director / Director of Coaching Steven Hofferber