U10 North State Soccer Program

North State Soccer belives it is vital that new comp players get off to a solid start with a program that focuses on skills, development and long-term enjoyment of the sport. To that end we have crafted a program for first year comp players that revolves around the concept of the player pool system. We will take on a larger group of players to train and play together than we would at other age groups. U10 is way too young to start figuring out who the "best" players are. Kids mature at different rates. We want to give as many players - who desire the competition - as possible a chance to develop.
  1. Through a combined process of tryouts, recommendations and evaluations, NSS will form 3 teams (approximately 33 players) in each gender.
  2. Each team would be assigned a coach and will be overseen by the NSS Technical Director.
  3. Teams would practice together once per week with that session being run by one of the NSS Technical Director, the NSS President or other NSS coach. This is as much about training the kids is it is about training the new comp coaches in the “NSS Way”.
  4. Each of the NSS Head Coaches (and any assistants that want to volunteer) will be required to run at least one session for the U10s during the season.
  5. Players would be moved between the three teams to keep as much balance as possible to facilitate playing time and camaraderie.
  6. These teams would play round robin games amongst themselves during the normal Fall season.
  7. Any other league that wishes to join, after review, would be allowed to put a team in.
  8. We will work with Northern Nevada and Southern Oregon to facilitate play days with their teams.
  9. These teams would be restricted to 1 or 2 tournaments during the season.
  10. We would evaluate as the season goes on to determine if we send 1, 2 or all three teams to CYSA Association Cup in December. If we send less than three, then those teams would be selected based on skill, dedication and availability.